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Breeding American Songbirds
By: Rob van der Hulst
This book written by Rob van der Hulst is all about breeding some of the most beautiful finches from the Americas, four species of Cardinals, seven species of Grosbeaks including the beautiful Yellow Grosbeak and the whole of the 23 cm (9 inch) the largest finch in the world the Black-backed Grosbeak. Five of the most colorful Buntings and five Siskin species. Beautifully illustrated hard cover book with more than 250 photographs, it's a one of those "must have" reference book!
In Europe this book is available from the Centrium Books Phone: 030-288 1068 Fax: 030-287 0101
In Australia this book is available from me  AU$70 plus shipping.
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Under the Microscope
By: Dr. Danny Brown

A 55 page manual on Microscope use and pathogen identification in birds and reptiles. Extremely well edited and very inexpensive, written by a person who keeps birds and reptiles himself, definitely belongs to anyone's bookshelf who is interested in birds and reptiles, so buy it while still available if you're thinking of buying Microscope or not, it has all you need to know and more to identify the most common pathogens in birds and reptiles.
Available from ABK or the QFS

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Monographies des Fringilles
By: Michel Ottaviani

The Monograph fringilla was originally scheduled to be published in two volumes, the first being published in late 2008,
but the second volume has been split into two different volumes because of  the amount of text and photos that were important.
• As a reminder, volume 1 is dedicated to finches (fringillinés), Grosbeaks, Arctic finches, Rosefinches, Bullfinches, Crossbills, and closely related species of desert (cardueline) finches.
• Volume 2 deals with Greenfinches, Goldfinches, Citril Finches, Redpolls, Linnets and Siskins of the old and the new world all belonging to the genus Carduelis (33 species) and the subfamily cardueline.
• Volume 3 combines the Oriole Finch (an ancient canary), the neospiza Sao Tome (a giant canary) and all other Eurasian  canaries and African genus Serinus (46 species). This third volume stands out by presentation (text and photos) of several forms not yet described, probably subspecies (Oriole Finch, Malay canaries, Burton and Black-throated). The 3 volumes are designed as described on the back of volume 1.

Prin Editions - 55 Rue de la Fassière - 45140 Ingré
Tel. : 02 38 43 97 18 - E-mail:
specializing in books about exotic birds

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Format: 16 x 24 cm - Vol. 2: 286 pages - Vol. 3: 320 pages - Lots of color photos
Rates: Volume 2: 37 € + 5 € shipping cost (*) for France
Volume 3: 37 € + 5 € shipping cost (*) for France
Special Offer: Volume 2 + Volume 3: 69 € + 6,50 € shipping cost (*) for France
(offer available to individuals)
Reminder: Volume 1: 45 € + 6,50 € shipping cost (*) for France
The 3 volumes: 114 € + 7.50 € shipping cost (*) for France
(offer available to individuals)
Foreign and overseas territories, please contact us for shipping
(*) Shipping valid to 15-01-2011.


by Horst Bielfeld 
ISBN 0-86622-646-X
TFN Publication

This exciting book is designed for maximum information on Canary related species. Coverage includes selecting and caring for these species in captivity as well as their habits in the wild.

Monographie des Fringilles (vol. 1)

by Michel Ottaviani

This first volume examines 64 species belonging to 20 different genera, divided into two subfamilies: Fringillinae and Carduelinae (the Mycerobas, Eophona, Hesperiphona, Coccothraustes, Pyrrhoplectes, Leucosticte, Callacanthis, Haematospiza, Carpodacus, Uragus, Pinicola, Propyrrhula, Chaunoproctus, Pyrrhula, Loxia, Bucanetes, Rhodopechys, Rhodospiza and Rhynchostruthus).
Note is made on the current location in regards of taxonomy and phylogeny, then covers their characteristics (description, distribution, subspecies, denomination, habitat, food, behaviour, voice, courtship, nesting, migration and, if necessary, status. Each species has its own distribution color map. The aim of this work was to have all the species, including the rarer one, illustrated with photographs in their natural environment. The birds in the photographs allow to visually depicting their behavior revealing various wild plants exploited for food in the wild. This work is very rigorously documented and magnificently illustrated, designed to become a well-thumbed addition to libraries, classrooms, and personal bookshelves.
To order :
Phone: 02 38 43 97 18



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by Robert Ridgely & Guy Tudor 
ISBN 0-292-70756-8
University of Texas Press

This book is a must for up-to-date information on South American songbirds with some excellent illustrations by Guy Tudor.

Volume I & II
by Robert Ridgely & Paul Greenfield

Ever since I heard that Paul Greenfield and Robert Ridgely were working on this unique and comprehensive coverage of Ecuadorian birds I was anxiously awaiting my copies and I can sincerely recommend these books to anyone planning a holiday to this part of the world. Ecuador has highest density of birds species of any country in the world including Saffron Siskins and many other Siskin species and subspecies.
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by Dr Hans Clasen & Karlheinz Massoth 
ISBN 3-924512-01-9
The text is in German but the authors have included the English and French names of the birds along with maps where the birds originated from. Beautifully illustrated, it makes an excellent reference book for Siskin enthusiasts.

Finches and Sparrows
By Peter Clement, Alan Harris, John Davis
ISBN 0-7136-5203-9
Christopher Helm Publishers
A complete file of color plates  and range maps for easy identification of species and subspecies of most Carduelan birds, especially the birds from Europe, Africa and Asia. All of the Siskin species and subspecies are listed as well. I think it is a one of those  "must have"
for all Carduelan breeders. 
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by Dr.Giorgio de Baseggio
Probably the only thorough coverage of Siskin species and subspecies since W. E. Clyde Todd. The author has paid special attention to assembling details on genetics, the habits of these birds in the wild and their behavior in captivity. Though the text is in Italian, it has many color photographs as well as some beautiful hand sketches by the author himself. Now the second new revised edition   of "Cardellini e Lucherini" is out with almost 200 extra pages (480 p), check it out, so be quick while still in print.
Books on Canaries and other birds are also available.

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Fringillidi Speciali
by Dr.Giorgio de Baseggio
Another excellent book by Dr. Baseggio, all about the latest techniques on how to breed Carduelan species and how to obtain an array of mutations. If you're having problems breeding Carduelan species and if your passion is mutations then this book is for you. Black Canaries? Who said it can't be done? 
(At present only available in Italian language.)


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by  Dr.Massimo Natale & Dr.Giorgio de Baseggio
A book all about keeping and breeding European Goldfinches,  their subspecies and all the mutation currently available and bred in Europe. At present only available in Italian language, it has lots of photograph, well worth considering if Goldfinches is your passion. 

 The new  book, "Il Cardellino" is also out now! This book is a "gem", packed with many, very high quality full page photos, even if you do not understand the Italian language it is money well worth spent! Without doubts this is the best book published on any birds in the recent years! Don't be disappointed, grab it while still in print!

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Yellow-Bellied Siskin

By Dr. Carlos Ortega


This book written by Dr. Ortega provides breeders detailed description and information about the two subspecies of the (Spinus xanthogaster) as well as their keeping and requirements in captivity
(At the moment available in Spanish language only)
ISBN 980-328-665-X


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Goldfinches and their Mutations
Published by the ICC Holland
This booklet is published by the International Carduelan Club Holland. Contains information on keeping and breeding Goldfinches and their mutations.
For information on how to obtain this publication please contact
Mr. Huub Vervest
64 pages 23 colour photos maps etc.
(At present only available in Dutch language)


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Click here for Liz Wilson's NEW Book!
Handbook of Avian Articles

Why Your Bird Needs an Avian Veterinarian,
How To Find One, and
How To Tell If You REALLY Have One


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A guide to the
By: Steven L.Hilty and L. Brown
Illustrated by: Gay Tudor
with John Gwynne, H. Wayne Trim, Michel Kleinbaum
Published by: Princeton University Press
ISBN 0-691-08371-1 (Alk. paper)
ISBN 0-691-08372-X (pbk)
Although I paid $157.25 for this book,  since it is the right size for the Glove box, especially if you are planning a trip to Colombia, Peru or Ecuador. It is definitely one of the better books on the market, not as descriptive as "The Birds of South America" but if you are not so interested in subspecies but need reference on non-Carduelan species as well then this is the book you need . I used it in Ecuador while on expedition searching for the Saffron Siskins.
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Articles on Parrots and other larger birds often dominate this magazine. Up- to-date information provided on the latest laws, conventions and other hot issues of the bird world.


An Australian magazine on bird issues in Australia and around the world. Its focus is on keeping, breeding and preservation of all kinds of captive and wild birds.


Birder's world provides readers with information on the wild population of North American birds. Beautifully illustrated, often with stunning photos of Carduelan species.


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This is an excellent German magazine designed for all aviculturists. Illustrated with many rare species of birds currently bred in captivity.
Fax: +49-51-81-80-0933



This magazine is similar to Die Voliere. Though also written in German, it can be appreciated by all as it has outstanding photos of many rare species.
Phone: +49-711-4507-125


I would recommend this publication to all mutation breeders. For although it is written in French, it often has  beautiful colour photographs of rare mutations within various species.


Equivalent to the Australian Birdkeeper, this Spanish magazine contains a wealth of information on European aviculture, medication, breeding, etc.
Fax: +34-96-165 58 19
Web at


Published in the UK, the information in this magazine has been compiled to meet the needs and wants of all kinds of bird enthusiasts.
Web site:


An outstanding North American publication designed for maximum information on breeding, feeding, health care, etc of all kinds of bird species.
Fax: +1-336-292-4272
Web at

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(Atualidades Ornitologicas)

This bi-monthly magazine contains very interesting articles on South American birds.  Information on this publication can be found on the web at

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(Ornithology and Nature)
New Italian publication written for Aviculturists and Ornithologists of all levels. Very highly informative and beautifully illustrated magazine. For subscription please see
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This newsletter,  which is an official publication of The North American Federation of Aviculture - Red Siskin Recovery Project, is published quarterly. As we all know, Red Siskins are just about extinct in the wild and this letter provides information on the successes and problems associated with keeping and breeding theserare birds. For more information on how to obtain this publication please contact the Project Director, AFA Red Siskin Recovery Project    Ms. Paula Hansen


Bi-monthly publication of The Finch Society of Australia. Featuring interesting articles on keeping and breeding finches in Australia.
Editor: Des Dowling
Address: 125 Lee & Clark Rd, Kemps Creek
NSW 2171
E-mail: ?
Phone: (02) 9606-9235


Bi-monthly publication specialising only in finches and softbills. It contains informative articles on these birds.



This magazine is a wealth of information on Carduelan species for those aviculturists familiar with the German language.
Tel.(06152) 33 46


Information and articles on finch keeping in San Diego county.
Membership application to: Wanda Herricks 15650 El Monte Rd.
Lakeside, CA 92040
Tel: 619-443-6927
E-mail: ?
Also order your copy of LET'S TALK BIRDS, written and published by Finch Society of San Diego County
$12 plus $3 postage



Brazilian Birds, Canary songs CD's &Videos
It is well known that the sounds of nature like the sounds of ocean waves, babbling brook (small river), thunderstorm, forest evening with sounds of frogs, animals and birds in the background have a therapeutic effect on peoples emotion.
For your bird club's or you personal bird songs collection this is the link to go to. Hear the Uirapuru and it's flute-like song and the reason why the native Brazilians say "when this bird sings all other birds listen"



See, Hear, and Identify the birds of North America with world-renowned birding authority, Roger Tory Peterson.

A revolutionary new breakthrough for Birders, this program provides a comprehensive database of nearly 1,000 North American bird species.  It includes the text and artwork of Peterson's Field Guides, plus bird songs, photographs, range maps, video tutorial, a bird finder tool, one-button-access to the Internet and much much more!

Obtainable from

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By Oscar Abener Fenalti

This video is presently available only in NTSC (Nth American format).  It is an excellent addition to any bird enthusiast's library.  You can obtain these videos from Atualidades Ornitologicas



Also check out this link for CD's books etc.

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By Jürgen Franz

This video is presently available in PAL with narration in German.  The information and visual content will supply more than ample information in how to feed Carduelan Birds from wild seeds.  You can obtain this video from Jürgen Franz or contact
Dietrich Berger
Rohrersmühlstr. 12
D-91126 Schwabach
Tel. 0049-9122-81778
Fax 0049-9122-8158
he price of the Video is DM 78,80
or US$ 38.40 (including shipping)

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