Joining together individuals who share a common interest in breeding Carduelan species in captivity

Updated Monday, 08 December 2008



Are you visiting Brazil?

Carlos Henrique lives in the Sao Paulo and offers worry-free half or full-day guided visits to the best hot spots in and around São Paulo State, the areas like Parque Estadual Intervales - Capão Bonito - SP, Parque Nacional do Itatiaia - Itatiaia - RJ, Estação Ecológica Juréia - Peruíbe - SP and Monte Verde - MG. 

The fees vary from US$ 150-250 per day, depending on the area to be visited, from 1 to max 3 persons.
As you already know birds like Hummingbirds, Tanagers, Cardinals is his specialty but if you are interested in Parrots, Birds of Pray, Toucans etc, he knows where to find them. If you are visiting Brazil and you are a Finch enthusiast Carlos is definitely the person to contact! Checkout his websites: and

Or contact Carlos:


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